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Japanska Röda Korsets speciella medlemsskapsmedalj   Japan

Instiftad år: 1888 Valör: Silver
Ytterligare information:
Japanese Red Cross awards were first established in June 1888. Society's membership is open to foreigners and women.

There are different membership medals. The most common is the Regular Membership medal, which is 30 mm. in diameter, with the emblem of the Society on the obverse and two horizontal rows of characters in the reverse meaning "Meiji 21st year (i.e.: 1888)/Japan Red Cross Society". The award is struck in silver, but in the war years silver alloys and aluminium were used instead. Just after World War II the regular membership medal is struck only in aluminium. A green rosette was initially added then but currently it is not included. The medal is awarded to those who contribute the Society with an annual donation of at least 300 Japanese yen. Collectors will find that the Red Cross medal membership medal is thinner than military or other official commemorative medals.

The Silver Special Membership medal is equal than the Regular membership, but with a 22 mm. rosette in the ribbon colors. Metal is silver, except many of those struck in the war years. There is also a Life Membership indigo rosette (afterwards green) of 16 mm. for those who contribute over many years to the Society. After the 50's both Life and Special membership awards were combined.

In April 1956 the Golden Medal of Special Membership was instituted for those who contributed more than 10.000 yen. It is struck in silver with a gilded cross, bamboo, pawlonia, "ho-o", rim, grip and ring. Ribbon carries a 22 mm. rosette in the ribbon colors.



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