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ASM: Australian Security Medal (unofficial)   Australien

Instiftad år: 2000 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
The Australian Security Meda (unofficial)l: Released to recognise the service of those professionals employed in law enforcement, security and close protection, corrective services and a raft of associated occupations. The Australian Security Medal is a die-struck quality piece, in matt gold with a centre piece of nickel depicting the scales of justice superimposed on an outline of Australia, surrounding by chain link. The riband is blues and white. This medal is one you'll be proud to own.

Some of the intended recipients include;
police officers,

corrections officers,

military and service police,

customs and excise officers,

justice and legal personnel,

security guards,

patrol staff and operatives,

private investigators,

crowd controllers,

close protection personnel,
and others in a role to protect persons and property.


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