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AmACOM: Army Commendation Medal   Förenta staterna (USA)

Instiftad år: 1945 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
The Army Commendation Medal is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States other than General Officers who, while serving in any capacity with the Army after 6 December 1941, distinguished himself/herself by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. Award may be made to a member of the Armed Forces of a friendly foreign nation who, after 1 June 1962, distinguishes himself/herself by an act of heroism, extraordinary achievement, or meritorious service which has been of mutual benefit to a friendly nation and the United States.

Awards may be made for acts of valor performed under circumstances described above which are of lesser degree than required for award of the Bronze Star Medal. These acts may involve aerial flight. An award may be made for acts of noncombatant-related heroism which do not meet the requirements for an award of the Soldier’s Medal.


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2009-10-09 23:50:33peter wilpart
Ett antal svenska officerare erhöll ocksa Army Commendation Medal 1994 efter missionen i Somalia (UNOSOM II) 1992-93.
2008-09-19 10:16:13Pelle Vamstad
2008-06-14 16:14:19Pelle Vamstad
Ett fåtal svenska officerare har fått Army Commendation Medal i samband med den pågående svenska insatsen i Afghanistan.