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AmSLM: Silver Lifesaving Medal   Förenta staterna (USA)

Instiftad år: 1874 Valör: Silver
Ytterligare information:
Established by Congress in 1874, the Silver Lifesaving medal has undergone four design changes since its inception. Originally the SLM was actually made of silver. However, following its final design changes in 1949, the medal has been made of bronze with a silver plating. The Silver Lifesaving medal is awarded by the Dept. of Transportation to both civilians and members of the military who risk their lives to save others from drowning. The degree of danger required for award of the SLM is less than that for the Gold Lifesaving Medal. Military members usually must be in an off-duty status when they perform the act to receive the SLM.
Note: The Silver Lifesaving Medal can be awarded to members from all branches of service as well as civilians. It is considered to be a non-military or civilian decoration to service branches other than the USCG.


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