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AmPHM: Purple Heart Medal   Förenta staterna (USA)

Instiftad år: 1932 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
The Purple Heart traces its history back to the Revolutionary War. In 1782 General George Washington established a cloth heart-shaped award called the Badge of Military Merit. The badge was awarded only three times and fell into disuse following the end of the war. In 1932, on the 200th anniversary of Washington's birthday, Congress revived the badge for award to members of the Army. Award of the PH was not expanded to included members of the Navy until 1942. The Purple Heart was initially intended to honor those wounded in combat and recognize meritorious service. However, in 1942 award of the PH for merit was eliminated.
a) while engaged in combat against an enemy after April 5, 1917
b) while serving in combat with friendly foreign forces of the United States after April 5, 1917
c) as a result of a terrorist attack after March 28, 1973
d) as a result of military operations while serving as part of a peacekeeping force after March 28, 1973


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