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AmPMoF: The Presidential Medal of Freedom(civil)   Förenta staterna (USA)

Instiftad år: 1957 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
Award of the Medal.
a The Medal may be awarded by the President as provided in this order to any person who has made an especially meritorious contribution to
the security or national interests of the United States, or
world peace, or
cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

The President may select for award of the Medal any person nominated by the Board referred to in Section 3(a) of this Order, any person otherwise recommended to the President for award of the Medal, or any person selected by the President upon his own initiative.

The principal announcement of awards of the Medal shall normally be made annually, on or about July 4 of each year; but such awards may be made at other times, as the President may deem appropriate.

Subject to the provisions of this Order, the Medal may be awarded posthumously.


Uppladdad: 2007-09-12 05:48:57, av: PeO Sandberg.

2014-03-04 10:18:35Martin Hedberg
finns även som awarded with Distinction och har då gyllene örn på släpspännet och band över axeln motsvarande Storkors.
Presidential Medal of Freedom ska inte sammanblandas med Medal of Freedom.