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ThaiONÄ: Riddare av Thailändska orden av de nio ädelstenarna   Thailand

Instiftad år: 1851 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
(RTGS: Khrueang Ratcha Itsariyaphon An Pen Boranna Mongkhon Noppha Rat Ratcha Waraphon) was established in 1851 by King Rama IV of The Kingdom of Siam (now Thailand). The Order is bestowed upon the members of the Thai Royal Family and distinguished high ranking devoted officials, having given services to the Kingdom and are Buddhist.

The decoration consists of a single class (Knight).

The insignia are:
Pendant of the Nine Gems, on a yellow sash with red, blue and green trims, worn over the right shoulder to the left hip (for men). For women, the Pendant of the Nine Gems is attached onto a silk ribbon, worn on the front left shoulder.
Star of the Nine Gems, to wear on the left chest
Gold Ring of the Nine Gems, for men, to wear on the right index finger.

The Order is based on the model of European orders of chivaltry and merit. The Nine Gems the Thai form of the originally Hindu royal amulet known as the navaratna and in its original form consisted of a ring of gold bearing the Nine Gems awarded to a Thai general after he achieved an important military victory and is also part of the royal insignia given the Thai king at his coronation. This ring still is part of the insignia of the Order and worn by the male members of the Order. The nine precious stones of the royal amulet also constitute an integral part of the both the badge and the star of the Order.

The Nine Gems and the corresponding benefits that they bestow on their bearers:
Diamond—Power, wealth, success over enemies
Ruby—Success and longevity
Emerald—Strength and security
Yellow Sapphire—Charm and love
Garnet—Health and longevity
Blue Sapphire—Love and wealth
Pearl/Moonstone—Purity, happiness, and success over enemies
Zircon/Topaz—Wealth and success in legal affairs
Cat’s Eye—Protection by spirits, and from fire


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