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ThaiCO: Riddare av Thailändska Kungliga huset av Chakriorden   Thailand

Instiftad år: 1882 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
The Most Illustrious Order of the Royal House of Chakri (RTGS: Khrueang Khattiya Ratcha Itsariyaphon An Mi Kiatti Khun Rung Rueang Ying Maha Chakkri Boromma Ratcha Wong) was established in 1882 by King Rama V of The Kingdom of Siam (now Thailand) to commemorate the Bangkok Centennial. The Order is awarded to members of the House of Chakri (the Thai Royal Family), foreign Heads of State and members of other royal houses.

The decoration consists of a single class (Knight).

The insignia is:
• Pendant of Chakri, suspended from collar
• Pendant of Chula Chakri, attached onto the yellow sash, to wear over the left shoulder to the right hip
• Star of Chakri, to wear on the left chest

King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden 25 October 1911
Queen Louise Mountbatten Sweden Queen consort of Sweden 21 September 1960
Prince Bertil Sweden Duke of Halland 21 September 1960


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