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Army Long and faitful Service Medal for NCOs   Nederländerna

Instiftad år: 1825 Valör: Brons
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Uppladdad: 2008-10-10 18:16:09, av: Martin Mennega.

Front. This version was awarded between 1928 and 1951

2008-10-10 20:15:26Martin Mennega
This medal was established in 1825 for NCO's who were serving in the Dutch- or Dutch Indies Army. The front depects a W for Queen Wilhelmina. The back the small coat of arms of the Netherlands surounded by a rifle, canonballs, flags and an axe. There's also a naval version. In 1904 de medal was reversed so the back became the front etc. The tekst says: Voor Trouwe Dienst (For Loyal Service) between 1825 and 1851 and between 1928 and 1951 it was: Voor Trouwen Dienst.

The medal shown here is the reversed type with the tekst: Voor Trouwen Dienst. Made up Prussian style.

Source: www.onderscheidingen.nl (c) E. Müller