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Medalj för Frivilliga inom allmän ordning och säkerhet   Nederländerna

Instiftad år: 1958 Valör: Brons
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2008-10-09 17:45:13Martin Mennega
This medal was instituted on 14 june 1958 with the name Volunteers Medal. On 2 february 1998 it was revised and renamed as above. It is awarded to volunteers who work, in repressive duties, for at least 10 years for police, government fire departments, Fire department who work in liaison with the government, National Military Reserve, beach rescue forces, ambulance, Red Cross, First aid unions and the volunteercorps of the Netherlands Antilles. For every five years of extra service the owner is awarded a device with Roman numbers: XV, XX, XXV, XXX, XXXV and XL.

The motto reads : 'Patria servire libertas"

It depicts a castlewall with sunrays from behind and a curling snake. The reverse side show the small national Coat of Arms.