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JapRKFO: Japanska Röda Korsets förtjänstorden (Yokusho)   Japan

Instiftad år: 1956 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
The Red Cross Order of Merit (Yukosho) was established on June 1888, and it is awarded to those who have rendered distinguished services or contributions to the Red Cross Society of Japan. Awards are conferred by the Standing Council of the Society with the knowledge and sanction of the Emperor.

Initially only one class existed: the silver one, but from 1956 onwards a higher class (in gold) was instituted. Currently they are worn in a straight ribbon for men (bow for women), with no rosette, but before WWII it was worn with a 22 mm. rosette in the ribbon colors.

Early badges were of thinner metal than those of the 20th century. Obverse shows the emblem of the Society in silver, with the Geneva cross in red enamel on a blue enameled ground. The reserve shows the characters "Meiji 21st year (i.e.: 1888), Merit decoration, Japan Red Cross Society". There had been at less four different coinages of this award since it was instituted, with differences in the size and form of the "ho-o" (legendary bird).



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