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Order of Culture   Japan

Instiftad år: 1937 Valör: Guld
Ytterligare information:
This order is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in developing the Japanese culture. An awards ceremony is held on Culture Day, November 3, approximately five orders are presented annually.

The medal features the five petals of a mandarin orange blossom with three magatama (comet-shaped stones) swirled in the center. The attachment features a mandarin orange and leaf.

The indeciduous mandarin orange tree has been planted in the south garden of the Kyoto Gosho Shishinden since the Heian Era. Its position in the garden is immortalized by the phrase "Ukonno tachibana". Prized from ancient times, the mandarin orange tree symbolizes eternity. It is said that the mandarin orange tree is used in the Order of Culture because this symbolism connects deeply with the timelessness of culture.


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